Founded in 2018

Do you feel like you deserve more than 10% of the profits for the book YOU wrote? Well so do we! We're a group of young, motivated professionals all working towards a goal of offering contemporary publishing services to our peers. The industry is long overdue for a fresh take and more accessibility; we are that solution. 

Our services

Overall project management

We handle every phase of the project, from editing to production, overall design, marketing, PR, to sales & distribution,

Provide Options

We provide you with various options on how your book will be created, marketed, printed, sold and distributed- we believe you should always have a say in how your book will hit the shelves.

Printing Projections

As part of our services we will help you decide exactly how many copies to print & what company to use. 

Setting you up to succeed

Our business is based on getting our authors every penny they deserve for their work. At traditional publishing houses you're lucky to walk away with 10% of the wholesale price. Do you think that's all you deserve for all of your hard work?

Constant communication

We are always available to discuss your book and strategies to take it to the next level. 

Canada & US

Most publishers only sell and distribute their authors titles in Canada- we take advantage of the huge market in the US for our clients.